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Youssef Tounzi Born in Morocco, Youssef Tounzi got his degree majored in Drama in 2012. He profited from different acting trainings in both Germany and Portugal. His passion for acting started on the stage since he was 7 years old. With time, hard work and perseverance he improved his acting skills and knowledge. He worked with different directors on stage and screen.
Youssef is known for his work in several Moroccan and international movies. Known as the Rebel in MAZAGAN la légende D’aicha (2019) , The man in Jesus: his life for National Geographic Channel(2019), Fighter Tears in Mosul(2019), Syrian Secretary in le bureau des légendes for Canal+ (2018), Isis Fighter in Jack Ryan series for Paramount pictures (2018), Majid in Locked up Abroad series (2018), The author in God Forgives Serie for Al Oula TV (2017), Joseph in Chronologia Human for Odessa Films Production (2017) Nouri in Banged Up Abroad Series(2016) for National Geographic Channel , Anas AL-Hamati in Captive (2016) Drama-documentary series for Netflix, Jude in Killing Jesus (2015) film for National Geographic Channel, The Devil in Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery (2015) Drama-documentary series for CNN, Village Man in American Odyssey (2015) series for NBC.